Directory Submission Sites List High PR of 2017

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Best High PR Free Directory Submission Sites List of 2017: Are you looking for new free high Page Rank directory submission sites list 2017 to submit your website into directory and create backlinks? Your search has been completed, no need to move further.

Directory submission is still a powerful way to get quality backlinks from relevant high PR  free directory submission sites. You can get only approval by submitting into an appropriate category with the unique description, meta keywords, and best title, avoid to use more keywords or same description for all web directory submission site list

Note: Description with spelling mistakes and poor grammar may be one of reasons of not getting approval. Use  Grammarly free plan to write error-free description and to increase chances of approval.

After sharing blog commenting sites list, today I am going to share a list of free directory submission sites. Several places provide free directory submission list but in my directory submission list, all directory submission sites have high Page Rank, and I only listed authority directory submission sites here.

I use this directory submission list and update this free directory submission list time to time to provide my users working directories submission websites so they can submit your site into the web directory submission sites without wasting so much submission site list

Types of Directory Submission

There are mainly three types of directory submission sites, but some webmasters define them in the form of doing submission like manual directory submission, automation directory submission and niche directory submission, etc..

Primary type of Directory Submission

1). Paid or Featured Listing

2). Free or Regular Listing

3). Regular Link with Reciprocal

Paid or Featured Listing: If you opt for paid listing, you need to pay to directory submission sites owner. The amount is depending on the directory submission sites. When you opt for paid listing, you get guaranteed approval of your directory since you have paid for them.

Free or Regular Listing: if you opt for a free directory listing, there is no guaranty for approval. And webmaster of directory submission site checks your directory submission info manually if he found everything is good, he approves since every day lots of sites are submitted, so it takes lots of time to get approval. Sometimes more than months. To increase chances for approval first read guidelines of directory submission sites since every directory submission has different guidelines. Some directories offer links permanent for free listing while some for a particular submission site list

Guidelines For Directory Submission

Every directory website has own guidelines. Only if you follow those, you can get approval. Mostly directory editors check directory submission manually to ensure you followed all instructions or avoid spamming. When you submit your blog or website, ensure you follow all following guidelines. I categorised guidelines into seven parts.


Every directory has owned criteria. Mostly directly sites accept company name without including any keyword into the title. In this case, you should only use your official website name. Ex. My blog name is So Title is Updateland. It doesn’t contain any keyword. It has only official blog name.

Few directory sites accept keywords into the description to describe the website. In this case, you should remember below points into your mind while doing directory submission.

  • Title should be relevant and descriptive.
  • Title should be meaningful and not stuffed with keywords.
  • Title doesn’t seem promotional.
  • Avoid the use of exclamation mark and repetition of keywords and avoid words like best, cheaper, good, No.1, etc
  • Title length should be between 20 to 50 character.

Description & Meta Description

Many times you do directory submission, but you get a few approval. Reason can be inaccurate description also. Below are some guidelines. Keep these points in mind while writing a description for directory submission.

  •  All points that are mentioned for the title, is also applied in description except title length.
  • Don’t mention pricing, phone number and address details, they can be vary according to time.
  • Avoid using etc., others, or even in description’s end.
  • Write more specific means that you website offer.(don’t stuff with keywords).directory submission site list

Keywords & Meta keywords

There are no special guidelines for keywords. Avoid to use the same keyword again. Keywords format: keyword1, keywords 2, keywords 3 …. Some directories allow spaces instead using a comma.

Step by Step Guide To Website Submission into Directory Site

1.) Visit Website

2.) Select Category

3.) Select Subcategory

4.) Click on Submit or Add listing option

4.) Now select directory listing type from free, paid and reciprocal option. You need to choose free, if you want instant approval go for paid option.

5.) Fill forum with all required information like title, website URL, meta description, keywords, meta keywords, description, name and email.

6.) After filling form click on continue or submit button that will be shown below the form.

7.) You will get a confirmation email from verification.Now time to open email account and click on the verification link in the mail.

8.) Directory Submission has been Done for your submission site list

High PR Directory Submission List

http://india-to-nri-business-directory.easy .com/



http://www. m .biz/

Online Directory
http://www.businez by .com/
http://www.d .net/
http://www.finest .com/submit.php
http://www.istimara .org/
http://www.llt .com/
http://www.madhouse .com/
http://www.mccregion .net/

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